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Are You Living With Grief?

Loss and grief are two normal and recurring themes throughout the life cycle. Grief is a natural reaction to loss and enables us to cope. Each loss is unique and needs differ for each individual during grief. Hospice of Helping Hands offers a variety of support services to meet individual, family, and community circumstances.

The following services are offered free-of-charge:

  • Grief and Loss mailing series at regular intervals
  • Telephone support at regular intervals
  • Grief and Loss counseling with needs assessment and referrals
  • Grief support groups
  • Memorial Services
  • Resources such as books, brochures, handouts and videos
  • Camp Warm Hearts - Family Day Camp
  • Community education

Bereaved families and friends of Hospice of Helping Hands’ patients are provided with contact and support by qualified staff for 13 months after the patient’s death.

**Short-term grief and loss counseling is available free-of-charge for community members unless more intense services are identified. If more intense services are identified, a referral will be made to a more appropriate agency.

It is important to remember that support is available, and you do not have to go through this time alone. 

For more information, call us at 800-992-6592 or 989-345-4700.